The Savannah J Publications, LLC Consulting

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Savannah J. Owner and CEO

Savannah J has ten years experience in the independent publishing industry. During the past ten years, she has self published five titles, and assisted countless other authors to publish their work. 

For more information on Savannah J's books visit her website at Savannah is also a blogger. To follow her blogs go to 

                                                                Editor, Danielle Harden 

4 years ago, sprouting from a desire to help some of my favorite indie authors publish quality books,  I began my editing career. Since then I have worked with some of the best authors in romantic fiction, including Sienna Mynx, Violette Dubrinsky, and SK Hardy. While I have mainly worked with romance authors, I have worked on projects in other genres like fantasy, and contemporary fiction as well. Overall, my goal is to help you make sure your book is the best it can be, at an affordable price. 

For a full edit, I charge $2/page, that includes spelling, grammar, syntax, and content. I try to be as open and honest as possible in my editing, as I am trying to ensure that you get your money's worth and that I am doing a quality job. I know this can be difficult for some authors but I promise that all of my feedback is intended to be constructive and helpful. 
                                                                                        Editor and Graphic Artist, Anthony Pathfinder 

Anthony Pathfinder was born in Kingston, Jamaica and attended CUNY Queens College where he doubled majored in African Studies/Political Science and minored in Sociology. Anthony has written several articles on Homelessness, Gentrification and the Plight of Blacks in America. Currently a self-published author, he has published eight novels. He does not categorize, classify or put a label on what he writes e.g. Romance, Drama, Suspense, Adventure, Urban Fiction, Action and Horror. That said, he’s building his readership daily and is currently working on several dramatic based stories. He’s also a reviewer for the Urban Book Source, and has written well over three hundred poems. Writing is his life! He lives and breathes to write. He has been interviewed on several independent television stations, blog talk radio shows, book expos and book signings.

                                                                    Photographer, J. Michael Shearn

                                                                    Digital Conversion, Aynoit Ashor